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Welcome to the United Kingdom! Here, in the very cradle of the English language and culture, we are glad to receive hundreds of students who flow every year from distant countries of the world to improve their English skills while tasting a bit of what the British culture really is - which goes way beyond what the British culture is said to be. We are glad to have you on board in this learning adventure, and we will do our best to ensure that you find only top quality English courses to increase your knowledge and gain practice in the use of our language!

Thanks for choosing the United Kingdom, we asure that you will never regret your decision. Here, we have tons of things to do and see and try. You have all the famous things - the London Tower, London’s Eye, red buses and industrial amounts of tea. But the United Kingdom also has hundreds of little secrets, hidden places and great surprises if you decide to step off the usual tourist road and know us a little further. You can’t miss all we have to show! Come right now to the United Kingdom for a complete English experience! We are waiting for you!


Why English?


English is everywhere, and therefore it will get you everywhere. By using this language, you can communicate with almost any person in any country of the world. It will open you doors for both your professional life and your personal life. You will be able to know new people and start new businesses and projects beyond the boundaries of your own country and your own culture. 

English is the best tool to make your dreams come true. With it, you can be part of a worldwide network of minds, ideas, people and projects. You will get what you need and you will connect with thousands of others. Step up and improve your English skills today!


We know the perfect course for you!


There are hundreds of English courses in the United Kingdom. Of course, not all of them are good, and some of them are actually quite bad. But how could you know? All their flyers and webpages make their best to convince you that they are your best option and that they will get you to speaking English perfectly in no time. How can you tell wich ones are lying and which ones will keep their promises? Well, with our help, of course!

Be it for adults or youngsters, general English or specific English - business, law, marketing, insurance, medicine - we will connect you with the best courses in your area of choice. Contact us now to get a full list of the best English courses near your destination. We know about the best schools in London and other big cities, as well as country schools and other academies in less known areas. 

Get started today with your English learning adventure in the United Kingdom! Welcome everybody! 


In English, of course!

"I was searching for English couses forever! One letdown after another. Every student should have a guide like KEDST. We need good recommendations and trustable references. I’ve found it here, and I hope others do as well."
Erzebeta Hyvari


"Any foreign student is familiar with the feeling of being completely lost. I had to learn it the hard way. If it wasn’t for KEDST, I’d still be looking for a place to learn English - and therefore I wouldn’t have what I got!"
Lei Min Xang